Bath High School Preservation
Bath High School by Frans Van Barr
Honor & Glory

Board of Directors

The corporation is guided and governed by its Board of Directors. The Directors serve staggered three year terms. The current directors are:

Term Expiring: 2021  - Leanna Holmes, Nancy Thomas, Mike Godley
Term Expiring: 2020  - Ricky Carawan, Janet Courson, Melody Woolard
Term Expiring: 2019  - Gary Hollis, William Asa Waters, Dale Benson

Term Expired: 2013  - Connie Bond, Carol Persche, John Baldwin
Term Expired: 2012  - Tom Haigwood, Surry Everett, Sandra Harrison
Term Expired: 2011  - Marti Buchanon, Jim Cox, Betsy Boxer
Term Expired: 2010  - James Russell Boyd, Claudia Alligood, Nelda Ormond
Term Expired: 2009  - Jack Wallace, Harold Cutler, Sr., Ron Moore
Term Expired: 2008  - David Everett, Nelda Ormond
Term Expired: 2007  - Melba Edwards, Rick Nittoli

The board is served in day to day operations by officers that are selected by the directors. The officers are:

Ruth Dorkin President
Claudia Alligood Secretary
June Lee Treasurer
Gerald Morris Vice-President
Becky Tuten Past President
Celestia Carson Assistant Secretary